Realtalk is an environment for authoring and using computational media. Unlike most computer systems, in which people engage with virtual objects rendered on a screen or headset, Realtalk objects are ordinary physical objects — paper, pebbles, whatever’s at hand — recognized and brought to life by technology built into the ceiling.

In Realtalk, people stay present in the real world — physically working together with physical materials, thinking with bodies and hands, walking around and noticing things. Because everyone’s work is out and visible, people learn from one another and collaborate spontaneously. Because the entire building is the canvas, media can span many scales and capture concepts that can’t fit on a screen.

Dynamicland is a place designed around Realtalk, intended to become a public institution — a library, gallery, makerspace, presentation venue — where the community will come to build, study, discuss, and play in this new medium. Beyond a “Dynabook”, we aim to build a “Dyna-Exploratorium”.