Jens Mönig


Jens Mönig makes interactive programming environments. He is fanatical about visual coding blocks and stubbornly suspects that beyond drag & drop lies an Eldorado of a novel computing paradigm yet to be discovered by the intrepid. Jens is working with John Maloney and Yoshiki Ohshima on a new general purpose blocks language. In his spare time he develops UC Berkeley’s “Snap! Build Your Own Blocks” programming system, used in the introductory “Beauty and Joy of Computing” curriculum around the world. Previously Jens has written enterprise software at MioSoft and contributed to MIT’s Scratch editor. Jens is a fully qualified lawyer in Germany and has been an attorney, corporate counsel and lecturer for many years before rediscovering his love for programming through Scratch and Squeak. For leisure Jens likes guitar picking and strumming his mandolin.